Agnes Cunha – Ambassador

Agnes Cunha - Councilor / Ambassador Eastern Pequot Tribal Nation

Agnes E. (Williams) Cunha “White Dove”  – Ambassador
Eastern Pequot Tribal Nation

Agnes Cunha is the granddaughter of Grand Chief Sachem Silver Star (Atwood I. Williams, Sr.) and Squaw Sachem Iona (Agnes E. Gardner Williams). She is descended from the Jackson, Hoxie, Gardner, Lewis and Nedson family lines, and has been involved with the Tribe since birth. Her father was Grand Chief Sachem Leaping Deer (Atwood I. Williams, Jr.).

Agnes has been involved in Tribal politics and government from an early age. She was first voted onto the Tribal Council in 1971 as a councilor. She became Chairman of the Paucatuck Eastern Pequot Tribe in 1988. Agnes played a significant role in the Tribe’s genealogy reports and was a major participant in organizing tribal history in support of Federal Recognition from the United States Government. With the new formulation of the Eastern Pequot Tribal Government, Agnes participated in the merger of the two tribal groups, and still maintains a seat on the Council as a Tribal Councilor and Ambassador.

In the 1980’s Agnes held the Alternate seat on the Connecticut Indian Affairs Council. Since 1988, she has been a member of the American Cancer Society and has helped win cancer grants for education. She is a member of the Connecticut Cancer Partnership, Circles of Life, where she received a Certificate of Appreciation; she is also a member of Circles of Care through the Mashantucket Tribal Health Department, and is an Advisor for Northeast Tribal Cancer Education and Prevention. Agnes has also taken a keen interest in the Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA). She is a strong advocate for Native Children remaining in Native homes.

Agnes has spent decades promoting the Tribe through Pow-Wow committees, organizing the yearly Tribal Pow-Wows along with sitting on the local Groton Rotary where she was given the Paul Harris Fellowship award from the President of Rotary International.

She has maintained good relations with the leaders of our area tribes. Besides sitting on various Tribal Committees like the Pow-Wow committee, Elders Committee, and Enrollment, Agnes has served as the Tribal Liaison for Wuttooantam Foundation and the Tribal Youth Committee.

Agnes loves beading and creating Native Crafts – she makes some of the best beaded earrings in the region.

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